Mitigating against trade debt

An unexpected trade debt can seriously damage your cashflow

Having new buyers and exporting is great for growth, however, it also means a higher risk for non-payment. We understand that chasing overdue invoices is detrimental to your daily business activities and furthermore can dramatically reduce cash flow.

By enabling trade you need to mitigate risk by having a local specific collection strategy for each country. When an overseas customers uses distance to delay or completely avoid payment it can be difficult identifying the most efficient and cost effective route to recovery. International legal action can be expensive and without local knowledge you need to ensure you choose a reputable partner to support your company.

Support is available

Our trade debt collection services help you with the recovery of unpaid invoices once you have exhausted your internal processes. The point when a trade invoice becomes overdue is the time you need to start chasing payment.

At Atradius Collections, we recognise this first stage of debt collection can provide a valuable opportunity for you to enhance your relationship with your customer. Something as simple as a repayment plan or negotiations brokered locally to your customer in their own language often yields the best debt recovery results without the need to resort to more expensive litigation.

There is no single reason why an invoice may remain unpaid; therefore we believe there should be no single approach to resolving the debt.

mitigating trade debt

What we do

At Atradius Collections, our professional team understands and promotes the value of your ongoing business relationships. We are proactive in seeking amicable solutions that promote positive and ongoing working relationships for you and your customer. We work closely with you to achieve the outcome you want.

In some cases, for example, simply the act of outsourcing the debt recovery process to us enables you to carry on with your normal relationship and for business to continue smoothly for you. In other instances, we support you through dispute resolution.

Working with your debtors wherever they are in the world

With our international network of locally based debt collection professionals, we provide trade invoice collection services through 96% of the world’s countries. Whether a domestic or international debtor, we’re able to resolve most outstanding debt issues in their own language and in keeping with local laws and practices.

Integrated commercial collection solutions to optimise your cash flow

We operate the most integrated collections network in the industry with the support our international team of debt collection specialists and our worldwide IT infrastructure. We act promptly on receipt of a notification of non-payment, regardless of time zones, freeing your business from the effort and resource needed to chase unpaid invoices or monitor payment plans across time zones, languages, customs and jurisdictions. With access to our online portal Collect@Net you may monitor your account at any time or place convenient to you.

atradius trade debt

Experienced professionals accompany you throughout debt collection proceedings

In addition to 24/7 access to Collect@Net, where you can review and manage your debt collection cases, we support you throughout the entire process from first party collections, to dispute registration and resolution, to the monitoring of payment plans and collection of payment.

If for any reason the amicable approach doesn’t work, we’re able to escalate debt recovery proceedings quickly and professionally and provide you with options for legal action.

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