Top tips for selling into Canada, Mexico and the USA

As part of our Beyond the EU webinar series we asked Altios International for their tips for UK SMEs planning on doing business in North America.

Below are 5 top tips for Canada, Mexico and the USA – you can get more in depth advice in our webinar on North America on February 14th.


  • Assess your product’s potential through a first in-market approach (market study, business trip, meetings)
  • Dedicate a significant budget for logistics, and get ready to invoice in a foreign currency and to deal with customer requirements in different time zones (6 time zones)
  • Place the customer at the core of your strategy: customer service and support are very important to Canadians
  • Get ready to travel: Canadian clients will want to meet with you several times before closing a deal
  • Get ready for a proper winter…Eastern Canada experiences long winters every year, from November to March-April…


  • Be present & follow-up: relationship management is a key point in Mexico
  • Speaking Spanish is a plus but not an obligation
  • Be patient and flexible
  • Get help from someone knowing the country
  • Be ready to invest time and money


  • Develop a detailed market knowledge and clear growth strategy: Benchmark the existing competition, Market channel pricing strategy is very important and additional margins are usually necessary to allow multiple intermediaries
  • Identify suitable partners in the USA by product / region / channels
  • Communications & Marketing is a key element of success
  • Ensure a “win-win” relationship : Decide upon an agreement to define method of collaboration
  • Patience and Investment

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Countries: Americas, Canada, Mexico, North America, and United States
Topics: Export Planning and Market Research
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