Preparing for No-Deal Brexit: Customs and VAT

Ahead of Brexit, we look at what companies need to do to prepare themselves for likely changes at the border, including customs checks and VAT.


Richard Bartlett (Institute of Export & International Trade)
Claire Taylor (

If you have any further questions around VAT please contact [email protected]

If you have any questions around customs procedures, please use the Institute of Export & International Trade’s Technical Helpline.

How you can prepare for Brexit

You may also be interested in the Institute of Export & International Trade’s Customs Procedures & Documentation training course.

To prepare us all for the UK’s departure from the European Union, the Institute’s one day Customs Procedures & Documentation training course covers everything that you will need to know to enable goods to be imported and exported post Brexit.

Delays, fines and inspections are things that no company wants to endure and this course will equip attendees with the information to be able to understand what is required to comply with customs and make sure you are compliant for an audit by HMRC.

If businesses aren’t prepared for the worst-case scenarios, the worst could really happen.

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