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Export Action Plan Competition Terms & Conditions

1. The Open to Export Action Plan Competition (“the Competition”), is organised and managed by Open to Export C.I.C (“the Organisers”).

2. The Competition is only open to UK businesses that fulfil the following criteria at the time of application:

  • Registered as a UK company
  • Employ fewer than 50 employees
  • Have registered on Open to Export website and completed the Export Action Plan in full
  • Have opted to be entered into this competition, and submitted their plans by the most recently set deadline (05/11/2019)
  • Are able to send a company representative to pitch at the competition final event in Birmingham on November 5th.

3. The Organisers reserve the right to refuse to accept the entry of any company that it feels does not meet the criteria and rules of the competition. Also the Organisers reserve the right to limit the number of eligible companies which may compete where the number of applications is exceptionally high.

4. The competition is open for entry until 5th November 2019 at 5pm.  Entries received after the deadline date will not be eligible for right of entry into the Competition, but the Organisers reserve the right to admit entries received late in exceptional circumstances.

5. Entries to the Competition must be made and sent in the required format using the Export Action Plan Report generated on the Open to Export website. No proof of despatch shall be deemed evidence of receipt. All requested information on the application must be completed to be considered and any answers beyond the requested wordcount may not be considered.

6. Entry into the Competition through the submission of an application shall be deemed to be made in accordance and in acceptance of these rules in full and without exception.

7. Only one application per company will be accepted as a submission into the competition. If multiple submissions are made by one company, the latest received version will be used.

8. The Organisers reserve the right to involve a third party organisation in the running or evaluation of the Competition at any time, including, but not limited to, assigning its rights to a third party organisation.

9. The Organisers will appoint a panel of judges to shortlist the eligible competition entries. 8-10 shortlisted companies will be invited to attend and present their Export Action plans to the judging panel at an event to be announced.

10. The judging panel will have sole responsibility for deciding the competition winners, based on both the submitted action plan and the presentations on the day.

11. Shortlisted companies will be informed at least two weeks before the event. Winners will be announced at the event.

12. The decisions of the judging panel shall be considered final and the Organisers and the judging panel will not enter into further debate to justify these decisions.

13. The Organisers reserve the right to publicise the Competition through normal channels in all forms for the duration of the Competition and for a period of 18 months thereafter. The Organisers reserve the right to film and photograph contestant presentations for media use. No confidential details shall be included in the publicity material.

14. The Organisers undertake to use all reasonable efforts to secure the confidentiality of information supplied by those entering the Competition within the framework of the Competition itself, if requested by the contestant. Information supplied in submissions to the Competition and presentations will only be made available to parties directly involved in the competition or assessment of those plans.

15. Each contestant selected to give a presentation accepts and retains responsibility for the confidential nature of the information supplied. In supplying this information to the Competition it is accepted that this information will be made available to persons over whom the Organisers have no direct legal authority.

16. Please note the onus is on each competition entrant to confirm that they (i) have obtained any necessary DPA consents from people identified in their entry and (ii) that their DPA notification to the Information Commissioner covers them for using personal data when participating in the Competition.

17. The Organisers can accept no responsibility for the security of the information supplied to them other than as stated within these rules.

18. Any prizes must be taken up within six months of the award. Any extension to this deadline will be at the sole discretion of the Organisers.

19. Any prizes awarded by the Organisers are not transferable to any other party

20. Prizes for the winners and finalists can be found on the prizes page linked to above.

21. Winners of any cash prize may be asked to demonstrate how these funds have been spent after they have been awarded.

22. Winners shall agree to all reasonable requests for interviews made by the Organisers with a minimum of one interview within 18 months of the award of the prize. The Organisers shall use the interviews and written account for general publicity and marketing purposes.

23. Some prizes may have specific conditions attached to them which will be notified by the Organiser to the winner.

24. Open to Export C.I.C (“the Organisers”) are the sole promoter of this Competition and nothing in these terms and conditions shall create an obligation on, or liability for, Open to Export C.I.C. Open to Export C.I.C cannot accept any liability for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by any entrant entering the Competition or as a result of accepting any prize.

25. The Organisers reserve the right to amend these terms and conditions from time to time by posting an updated version on this website.

Last updated – 1 August 2019

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